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The Body Fat Release Diet is a weight loss coaching programme that you do in person or by skype

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You will succeed!

  • This programme is focused entirely on you learning all you need to succeed
  • You’re not alone, you’re supported and guided to results
  • Your energy will soar as you gain power over food
  • You’ll become the person you’ve always wanted to be
  • You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed that there’s so much to lose
  • You’ll no longer feel frustrated that you always seem to return to the same weight!

Weight Loss Success Case Study


I’d come to see Katie for weight loss consultations before I did the Body Fat Release Diet so I little hesitations about doing the Programme as I have great confidence in Katie.

But as this is a structured programme I did have concerns I wouldn't complete it, that I’d give up or it would take up too much time and I’d find excuses for not doing it. I'm a mum and work full time!

However, I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Body Fat Release Diet. This programme demonstrates so much more than I expected!

It contains very thought provoking and powerful information. This is a marvellous plan that goes beyond the cliché diet.

Most people think weight loss is just about food and this is where they are going wrong when in fact it’s beyond what goes in your mouth, it’s about your habits and relationship with food that needs to change in order for you to reach your goals.

Since working with Katie I've released 18kg of excess body fat. I've reversed obesity, my body fat, water and BMI levels are all within the healthy weight range.

I’ve really wanted to make changes that were a lifestyle change and not just a fad diet. Like many women I’m able to put weight on very easily but have always found it harder to lose it again.

I've tried every diet going and found that whilst I followed them to the letter they worked but the minute I deviated the weight could creep back on.

The Body Fat Release Diet approach brings a whole new dimension; you think outside the diet box, it’s so refreshing; it’s becoming the person you want to become.

It’s so apparent from the content that Katie understands food, but she’s wise, and aware of peoples lifestyle and how to build confidence to succeed.

I've found working with Katie to be a pure delight. She’s always there to answer any questions or comfort any concerns. Her responses are not automated nor a ‘one size fits all’, she talks to you on an individual basis and always demonstrates that she’s listened to every conversation and always makes you feel happy, that she’s really focusing on me and my needs.

It means a great deal to me to have had Katie to see me through this programme with her continued support. I have so much knowledge on how to feed by body. I’m confident and I enjoy food without worry. Eating well is second nature to me now. Health wise I’m fitter and happier in my own skin, my skin is glowing and I find my hormones are much better balanced.

Katie has such a passion for what she does and it shows in her every time with speak and meet. This passion extends into wanting her clients to feel fantastic and confident in their food choices.

With Katie you get a completely different experience, she has a fantastic awareness of life and how events and situations can affect us and therefore our weight.

Everything is totally about you as an individual so you know that there are no two people being given exactly the same plan as Katie recognises us as having individual needs and concerns.

Every time you meet with Katie it is personal and not just someone asking you to jump on the scales and see what they say, it is far more than that it is really getting to understand why we have formed the habits we have and what we need to do to change them so that we can be the best for ourselves.

I feel very blessed and honoured to have met Katie and find her really refreshing. She is not trying to put out another mainstream weight loss plan in an already swamped market, she is really getting into helping women understand their bodies and their lifestyle so that they have all the tools they need to never have to fad diet again.

I would not hesitate to recommend Katie to anyone, I know that she would provide each and every client with the same experience and help them gain confidence and improve their well being.

Carrie Scott | Full time Mum & Employee | Kent

Why do 95% of dieters fail to get permanent weight loss?

You blame yourself for failure, when you shouldn’t

You don’t fail the programmes – the programmes fail you

Most weight loss diets fail to teach you everything you need to know to get permanent results

How do I get permanent weight loss?

Success is not about being fearful, faddy or labelling foods as good or bad

It’s not about restrictive calorie counting or feeling hungry all the time

It’s not about doing hours of exercise every day, or obsessing about the scales

It’s about learning the correct way of thinking and acting so you get permanent results

Act now so your fears don’t come true!

  • you cannot go on feeling out of control with your weight
  • stop self sabotage and feeling powerless with food
  • face your fears and be who you want to be
  • get control over your life and your relationships


The Body Fat Release Diet is a weight loss coaching programme that you do in person or by skype.  This programme fills all the gaps other weight loss diets fail to teach you.  You’ll make changes that will last a lifetime as you do this programme.

You are fully supported as you complete The Body Fat Release Diet.  You attend consultations (in person or skype), you’ll have email and telephone support throughout the programme.  The time it will take you to complete the programme is approximately 8-10 weeks as it’s tailored to your unique situation.

The programme big picture

Become your best self

Success starts with you

Knowledge is power

Learn exactly how to win

Action = success

Practice gets you results

The Programme Modules:

The Body Fat Release Diet runs over six nicely structured modules.

You are guided through each module step by step.

Each module contains content that’s packaged into learning materials that are yours to keep.


Module 1: Vision & Clarity

Get clarity and focus for success

  • Learn how to think for success
  • Set goals and define your purpose
  • Gain winning mindset tricks
  • Be free of self sabotage
  • Know the 20 steps to winning
  • Get clarity on sugar and weight loss

Module 2: How to Release Body Fat

Learn how to increase your metabolism and slim your shape

  • You will learn the ‘mechanics’ of body fat release
  • The science being body composition
  • The limits you have to set if you want success
  • Why finding your hunger sweet spot is so important
  • How to succeed with portion control without a gastric band
  • When to eat for fat loss no matter what your schedule
  • What exercise you should be doing

Module 3: Body Function Focus

Improve body function for fat loss

  • Give your body this attention and it will work for you
  • Understand the power of proper hydration
  • Learn the 15 power eating habits tips
  • How to manage alcohol for fat loss
  • Conquer emotional eating
  • How to release stress for good

Module 4: Life Design

Create a lifestyle for fat release

  • Makeover your routines and habits
  • Understand the secrets to food and time management
  • Become a expert ‘quick food planner’
  • Organise your kitchen habits
  • Get clear on food labels

Module 5: Nutrition part 1

Eat right to get results 

  • Get the fat release nutrition mindset
  • Understand how to eat to change your body shape
  • Learn what carbohydrates are and how and when to be eating them
  • Understand the power of protein
  • Know the good way to count calories
  • Get clear on how to balance fat

Module 5: Nutrition part 2

Eat right to get results

  • Know how to deal with fruit sugars
  • Get your vegetables goals to help with body fat loss
  • Why dairy is your friend and not your enemy
  • Boost your energy with whole grains
  • Learn how easy it is to set your energy quota

Module 6: The Fat Release Formula

Here you put it all together

  • Become a master of food and fat loss
  • Understand the trick to changing habits most people don’t know
  • We create your personal fat release formula
  • Learn the secret to tracking most dieters fail to do

Programme Resources

As well as the module content you’ll get these at the start of the programme:

  • Food resources lists
  • Nutrition cheat sheets
  • 4 weeks of menu plans and recipes
  • Delicious healthy dessert recipes

Benefits for you!

  • You’ll no longer struggle with low energy and stress will not de-rail you as it once did
  • You’ll be able to wear the clothes you want and travelling will be fun
  • You’ll waste less food and save money on your weekly shop
  • You’ll live a longer life – the life of your dreams
  • Food and your body will no longer confuse you 
  • You’ll be admired and have fulfilling relationships
  • You’ll save money and time (the average dieter spends £25,000 on diets over their life time)


The Body Fat Release is for you – if you:

  • Have a history of trying diets and failing to get long term results
  • Are ready to say goodbye to the fearful thinking and obsessive dieting mindset
  • Are ready to feel happy rather than worry, frustration and confusion over what you should be eating for weight loss
  • Are you ready to gain confidence and conquer over eating
  • Know calorie counting and over restriction doesn’t work
  • Are serious about living your best life

Learn how to connect food to your body to get results!

You can do this – it’s not as hard as you may think :-)

How do I get in touch?

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Now IS your time to make this day that day you change your life :-)