Solve your health issue with a personal nutrition plan

Why choose Peck Nutrition?

-You will feel relieved and have clarity on what action to take saving you time, money and stress

-You will get solutions specific for you and your lifestyle

-We know what works having delivered over 5,300 consultations

-It’s our philosophy to treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves

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We can help you with:

-Low energy and getting your health back on track

-Obesity treatment and body fat loss

-Body weight gain if you are underweight

-Treating digestive symptoms and conditions

-Reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure 

-Treating IGT/pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes

-Improving your bone density

-Recovering your health after surgery or disease

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Peck Nutrition is open Monday – Friday 9am-6pm



How clients come to Peck Nutrition:

We do nutrition plans for people just like you who find us on the internet and get in touch, we get word of mouth recommendations. We also work with doctors, surgeons and other health care providers who to refer people to Peck Nutrition for help.


Do you have private Healthcare Insurance?

Peck Nutrition is recognised by BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, AVIVA, Cigna Healthcare, Simplyhealth, Vitality Health and Healix Health Services who provide cover for nutrition consultations.  Your cover is dependant upon the plan you have and why you are referred.  Speak with your insurers and authorise the number of consultations you can have in advance.  

Note:  BUPA cover allows GPs and consultants to refer to Peck Nutrition, all other insurers allow consultant physician or surgeon referral only.  If you doctor wants to send a referral letter please email us at:

How does the nutrition plan & consultations process work?


Step 1:  Booking confirmation

-When you are booked in we email you assessment forms to complete


Step 2:  Administration/preparation

-We review your assessment forms and prepare for our meeting with you


Step 3:  Initial 1.5 hour meeting

-We complete the assessment, gain clarity on the problem, set our goals

-Discuss your plan with you and give education on what action to take

-this meeting can be via skype


Step 4:  Administration/plan completion

-We complete your plan and email it to you as a PDF document

-The plan gives you step by step personalised action

-The plan covers the areas of healthy living, nutrition, diet and supplementation



Follow- up meetings:

-We monitor your progress towards your goals and give further advice

-These meetings are 50 minutes contact time, 10 minutes admin time

-Follow ups can be in person or via skype or telephone


*Note: if you have high body fat levels, a history of dieting, anxiety around food and feel you need more support our Weight Loss Programme may be perfect for you.


Testimonials from our colleagues


Peck Nutrition provides a sympathetic and practical way forward for the whole range of nutritional questions we are faced with. I always have confidence Katie and her team will look at the big picture and provide our patients with a really helpful plan of what they can do to help themselves through diet and lifestyle.

Dr George Bird | Consultant Gastroenterologist | Kent

I have worked with Katie for over 3 years now and really value the care she has delivered to many of my patients. I believe she offers time, compassion and thoughtful solutions to my patients’ digestive health issues.

Dr Anton Bungay | Consultant Gastroenterologist | London

Katie provides a timely, high quality service to my patients with irritable bowel syndrome who require a low FODMAP diet.

Dr Adam Harris | Consultant Gastroenterologist | Kent

I am delighted to recommend Katie Peck, whom I have worked with for many years. She is a highly experienced dietician with a delightful enthusiasm. I would encourage anyone with diet or weight related concerns to seek her advice.

Dr Anne Henderson | Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist | Kent

Miss Peck has provided nutritional support for my patients over the last 5 years and the feedback I receive from them is always positive. Her advice is sensible, measured and guided which has a positive effect on the patient's outcome, and I will continue to refer my patients to Miss Peck for her sound advice.

Mr Simon Bailey | Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon | Kent