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Dear Katie, it’s people like yourself that give us faith that there are caring people within the health profession. We would just first like to give you a big thank you for taking the time out, to research what was best for our daughter. We really do appreciate it immensely we can’t tell you how much.

S Daws

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Katie Charlton– Creator of Peck Nutrition

You have a unique ability to understand and relate to individual requirements.

Trevor Hussey | The Burden Group Ltd





Hi – Katie here!

I’m proud to share with you that I’ve been in private practice for 10 years and have helped thousands of people in Kent!

I’ve studied at University for over 5 years studying human nutrition.  But the most I’ve learnt is the 5800 + consultations I’ve done.

I’m British born and my family settled in New Zealand when I was 18 months old in the mid 70’s where I was raised.

I grew up on a 10 acre small holding on the east coast of the South Island, just north of Dunedin.

I spent time with nature, learning about animal nutrition.  I was obsessed with my mothers Here’s Health Magazines!

I’m 41 years old, I live in West Malling area with my 10 year old border Collie Jemstone.

I love food, growing vegetables, helping people with their health, mother nature and rowing.

If you decide to become a client of Peck Nutrition – you will get top notch treatment.

Your frustrations will be lifted and you will have a clear treatment path to follow with our Nutrition Plans.

If you decide to do our weight loss coaching programme – you’ll be fully supported and your mind will be ‘re-trained’ so food and your weight will not longer be a mystery and you can be who you want to be.