Hi there, I'm Katie Charlton.

Katie is an experienced Nutrition & Health Mindset Coach dedicated to helping family and career passionate men and women reach and keep their dream health and weight, so they can enjoy their life with those they love.  

She’s 43 years old, and committed to life long learning and personal growth.  Katie is a British born New Zealander.  Peck Nutrition was started in 2010 in the UK, and over this time she’s coached thousands of adults to change their health and weight by leading them step by step in her 6 week results coaching programme.

Katie will work with you to turn your health around, to eat better, feel better, speed up your metabolism, stop food cravings, self sabotage or binge eating. You’ll gain food and body confidence and be who you want to be so you can live the life you desire.

“I feel streamlined and on the right track with weight loss – a better version of myself and I’m getting to where I want to be. My body fat is now normal! My whole life is not about losing weight, it’s about feeling good rather than the scales, and that is what I’ll keep away from. I couldn’t have done this without you”

Jessica, Full time employee

Do you have a strong desire to change?  Are you motivated to invest in you to see permanent results?

Katie is intuitive and she loves nature – her belief is to live what she coaches.  Her passion is to help you to feel more connected to yourself and your health and get results. Through working with her you’ll learn how to understand easily what your body needs to work for you! It’s your right as a human to be rich in health – and if your health or body fat is out balance, Katie can show you how to bring things back into balance so your body and mind will thrive.

Katie has dual nationality (UK & NZ) and is currently based in New Zealand (pregnant with her first child) after living in the UK for 17 years!  She helps clients in Australasia, USA and Canada, UK and Europe.

Katie trained at University of Otago and her qualifications are: Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition), Diploma for Graduates (Biochemistry, Human Nutrition, Food Service Management), Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics with Distinction.

Her expertise is helping you to connect with and draw out health potential in your body, to heal health issues, and reach optimum well being!

So, if you want to:

-finally reach and keep your dream weight
-feel healthier and increase your energy
-improve your fertility and conceive
– get your body back after birth
-lose menopausal weight gain
-speed up your metabolism
-stop yo yo, food cravings and self sabotage eating
-feel satisfied and love the food you eat
-lose weight/fat and move through plateaus with ease