Hi there, I'm Katie Charlton.

Katie is a weight loss coach dedicated to helping family and career passionate women reach and keep their ideal weight, so they can enjoy their dream life with those they love.

Katie is 43 years old, a British born New Zealander who foundered Peck Nutrition in 2010, she is a intuitive eating and weight loss expert who is committed to life long learning and personal growth.

She has coached hundreds of women and men change their health and weight loss results by leading them step by step from their current to desired results.

In her 6 week coaching programme Katie will show you how to speed up your metabolism, gain food and body confidence so you can reach your health goals and ideal weight and be who you want to be.

“I feel streamlined and on the right track (34.5kg weight loss) – a better version of myself and I’m getting to where I want to be. My body fat is normal. My whole life is not about losing weight, it’s about feeling good rather than the scales, and that is what I’ll keep away from. I couldn’t have done this without you”

Jessica, Full time employee

Are you someone who feels a strong desire to change and who doesn’t want to just get short term results anymore?  Are you someone who wants to invest in themselves to see sustainable and permanent results?

I’m highly intuitive and feel connected to mother nature.  I live what I coach and I know I can help you connect to your body so you can understand what your body needs. I’ve developed a successful intuitive coaching style which will give you forever results.

It’s our right as humans to be rich in health – if our health or body fat is out balance, we must bring our body back in balance so it will thrive.

My qualifications are:  BSc (Human Nutrition), Dip Grad (Science), PGDipDiet (Dietetics) Distinction.

Are you ready to change what’s not making you happy?

If you want to:
-increase your energy
-improve your body function
-speed up your metabolism
-stop food cravings
-heal self sabotage eating
-feel satisfied from your food
-lose weight/fat
-move through plateaus
-keep weight off for life