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Nutrition and health is our passion.  It is the purpose of this site to provide high value information to the general public.  The information contained on this site is not to replace or substitute any expert advice that you would receive from Peck Nutrition one to one programmes.   We take take pride in the quality of our content and services, it is our priority to provide information based on sound scientific evidence.

Peck Nutrition is an ethically responsible practice; any financial compensation we receive from programmes or products we promote does not play any role whatsoever in our decisions regarding the advice we give to you.  In other words, we do not let the potential financial reward influence what we recommend. We prioritise your needs and we receive justifiable compensation for doing so.

We will clearly state where we have received compensation for promoting or recommending a particular product. We will never promote a service, product or give information that we do not fully support.  We support what we feel will work to keep you living a longer, stronger life.  We will never make or support unjustifiable statements relating to particular products.

Honesty and transparency is guaranteed with Peck Nutrition and our social media portals. We have pledged to RDs4Disclosure & RDs4Disclosure UK which bounds us to an ethical code of conduct that ensures we will never intentionally provide false or misleading information.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.     Adapted from (Nics Nutrition)

Note: All sales/transactions made are non refundable.  All sales on eBooks and one to one coaching are final.