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-we all know what we should be doing but find it hard to do
-success comes when you apply your treatment plan
-learn how to really ‘do the things’ to get results
-love that feeling when you see you did it!


Julie – Business owner – Kent, UK


My weight has been up & down for most of my adult life. I  could lose weight for a special occasion by drastically reducing calorie intake & over exercising, only to put it all back on the following week. I contacted Katie for help to get out of this cycle and maintain my weight. I had no hesitation in using your service.

Being a child of the 60’s I have counted & restricted calories my whole life. I could bore most people senseless with calorific values of most foods & drink! I had always weighed myself every day. I was worried about weighing myself at the most once a week. I thought I’d feel ‘out of control’ but I very quickly saw the benefits of this.

I have also noted my irritable bowel is almost non-existent for the first time in as long as I can remember. My skin is hydrated, I have more energy than I have known in a long time & my sugar cravings are kept firmly under control.

The thing I like best about working with you is the praise and support you give me when I reach my own goals. Katie got me the first time I met her. As you have come to unpick some of my emotional eating issues.

I have already recommended your service to several people including my friends & I will continue to do so. Everyone needs a Katie in their lives to help us when our eating habits get the better of us.

How the 30 Day Results Coaching runs:

Personalised menus for 30 days

Weekly 45 minute check in's

Daily online check in's

-4 weeks of daily menus’s based on your treatment plan
-you get to view the menus before you start
-guidance notes/checklists/shopping lists
-weekly check in’s can be in person or virtual
-daily online accountability coaching

30 Day Results Coaching Fee £495

How do I get started?

We’ve love to help you get results!

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