Get a personalised plan and change your life

Invest in your health 


-your health is your most valuable priority
-feel understood and cared for
-understand how to reach your goals


Our expertise is helping you with:

-weight loss

-improving your energy levels & treating burnout/exhaustion

-treating digestive symptoms (IBS, bloating, indigestion, constipation, reflux)

-treating diverticular disease, ulcerative colitis symptoms

-lowering raised blood pressure

-treating (non alcoholic) fatty liver disease

-treating raised blood sugar/pre-diabetes

-type 2 diabetes

How the plan works:


Step 1:  Booking 

-Call (07759 117 494) or email ( or send an enquiry form

-we make the booking and email you assessment forms


Step 2:  1.5 hour skype or zoom assessment

-set clear goals/intentions
-time framed realistic goals/targets
-get clear on the treatment areas
-email you your treatment plan


Step 3:  Further sessions – these cover:

-specific lifestyle action steps
-nutrition education
-healthy behaviours
-appetite and portion control actions
-individual food checklist with portion guidance
-therapeutic foods and nutritional supplements

Do you have private Healthcare Insurance?

Peck Nutrition is recognised by BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, AVIVA, Cigna Healthcare, Simplyhealth, Vitality Health and Healix Health Services who provide cover for nutrition consultations.  Your cover is dependant upon the plan you have and why you are referred.  Speak with your insurers and authorise the number of consultations you can have in advance.

Note:  BUPA cover allows GPs and consultants to refer to Peck Nutrition, all other insurers allow consultant physician or surgeon referral only.  If you doctor wants to send a referral letter please email us at:



Below is feedback from clients who I’ve helped and colleagues who send clients to me for help

Surgery avoided with lifestyle and dietary change


I was referred to Katie by my Surgeon as I was having recurrent and quite acute flare ups and symptoms related to diverticular disease that resulted in me going to A & E. I was keen to try anything and although initially apprehensive - the change in diet worked. I was able to break out of the cycle of flare ups and have only had one in the past 9 months which has been manageable. I now know how to manage my eating to manage my symptoms. The information Katie gave was easy to understand and each session was relaxed and well paced. I would definitely recommend Peck Nutrition

N Parnell, Professional, Kent

Life transformed - symptoms disappeared


After years suffering troubling symptoms, I was pressed into taking action. After seeing three doctors and a Gastroenterologist, undergoing tests and taking medication, I was no further forward. Without optimism, I accepted the advice of the consultant to see Ms Katie Peck. Now, three weeks later, the symptoms have all but disappeared, I feel well and more energetic and, as a bonus, I have lost a few pounds to regain my optimum weight - all without feeling hungry! Katie shows a deep understanding of a body's often tricky relationship with the food we eat - it has transformed my life.

J N Leonard, Kent UK

She can enjoy life without bloating


I had been suffering with digestive symptoms for 15 years - so I did have initial reservations about the service being able to help me! Although it did feel a relief to be sitting with someone who could potentially help change my life. I was concerned there would be significant restrictions on what I could eat. So much as changed - I'm sleeping better, the bloating that had effectively dominated my life up until then, stopped. I have gone from being bloated and thinking about the discomfort this caused me on a daily basis, to not even thinking about being bloated as it just does not happen anymore. It has been literally life changing. I think properly about what food I am putting into my body and what that food will do positively for my body. Katie was really kind and helpful in her approach. I would wholeheartedly recommend Peck Nutrition to anyone who wants changes that WORK! I cannot think of a reason why you would not go with Peck Nutrition. I had no idea one person, in such a short space of time, could have such a positive impact on my life – I am so grateful I did this and thank you so much Katie.

Heidi, Professional, Kent UK

Problematic diverticular disease symptoms treated


I was looking for specific help for my digestion - so it was important to meet someone who could really give me the help I needed. I've noticed so many wonderful changes - my energy levels are through roof, I feel so much better, so much happier in life generally, really beginning to feel I deserve to put myself first – my digestion has transformed, not had any flare ups - I no longer worry about having a flare up. I have also lost weight and I am taking much better care of myself. I am enjoying cooking and liking food. Katie has wonderful energy and personality. She doesn't give you the same spiel - like my experiences with NHS Dietitians. She cares about me as a person and the treatment feels individual. I think if people are struggling and recognise they need to do something that involves big changes, you have to feel like you are not a another number on a list and that person cares, and that you can pick up phone.

Nicki, Professional, Kent UK

Health and wellness goals achieved


Hi Katie, I've just had my 60th medical at the Drs and it was exemplary :)
Cholesterol 4.9 now ! - weight 9st 9lb - blood pressure was normal ! I'm thrilled and it's all because I'm on a good diet now - my tummy is so much better, no bloating at all !
I would just like to thank you for putting me on the right road !
Kind regards, S W :) x

Sue, PA, Kent UK

IBS flare up's treated - well being improved


After 2 years of digestive issues, and being unwell due to a mixture of sensitive stomach, IBS and stress. I was at my wits end and not in a good place. Since starting to see Katie my life has changed hugely. What was a daunting experience became an enjoyable learning curve. Katie is a positive and lovely person to be around, she has taught me how I can still eat and love the foods I adore and not worry about it. My digestive health and general well being has improved, I have gained around 10kg, which is great as I was underweight when I first came to see Katie.

Andy, Professional, Kent UK

Symptom free and life changing


This was hugely life changing for me as I was so uncertain about what I should be doing to manage my IBS symptoms. You're really helped me understand how to apply changes and see how everything works together to improve my digestion. I am happy to say that I am now symptom-free after Katie's support. Thank you again - for everything.

Rosemary, Professional, London UK

Peck Nutrition provides a sympathetic and practical way forward for the whole range of nutritional questions we are faced with. I always have confidence Katie and her team will look at the big picture and provide our patients with a really helpful plan of what they can do to help themselves through diet and lifestyle.

Dr George Bird | Consultant Gastroenterologist | Kent

I have worked with Katie for over 5 years now and really value the care she has delivered to many of my patients. I believe she offers time, compassion and thoughtful solutions to my patients’ digestive health issues.

Dr Anton Bungay | Consultant Gastroenterologist | London

Katie provides a timely, high quality service to my patients with irritable bowel syndrome who require a low FODMAP diet.

Dr Adam Harris | Consultant Gastroenterologist | Kent

I am delighted to recommend Katie Peck, whom I have worked with for many years. She is a highly experienced dietician with a delightful enthusiasm. I would encourage anyone with diet or weight related concerns to seek her advice.

Dr Anne Henderson | Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist | Kent

Miss Peck has provided nutritional support for my patients over the last 10 years and the feedback I receive from them is always positive. Her advice is sensible, measured and guided which has a positive effect on the patient's outcome, and I will continue to refer my patients to Miss Peck for her sound advice.

Mr Simon Bailey | Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon | Kent