3 month breakthrough programme with high level support

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to:

-know in your heart that you can solve your frustration with your weight?

-never feel stressed about what to eat – or be controlled by food?

-not feel panicked by the scales or your weight getting out of control?

-enjoy food without feeling guilty, deprived or over-restricted?

-be able to go shopping for those clothes you want to wear?

-take those holidays you put off going on because of your weight?

-know you are getting your health back on track?

Weight Loss Coaching Success Story


Katie’s coaching demonstrates so much more than I expected. Her work is very thought provoking and powerful. This is a marvellous programme that goes beyond the cliché diet.

Since working with Katie I've lost 18kg of excess body fat. I'm no longer obese. My body fat and BMI levels are all within the healthy weight range.

I wanted to make changes that were a lifestyle change and not just a fad diet. Like many women I’m able to put weight on very easily but have always found it harder to lose it again.

I've tried every diet going and found that whilst I followed them to the letter they worked but the minute I deviated the weight could creep back on.

Katie understands food and nutrition, and she’s wise, and aware of people’s lifestyle and how to build confidence to succeed.

I've found working with Katie to be a pure delight. She’s always there to answer any questions or comfort any concerns. Her responses are not automated nor a ‘one size fits all’, she talks to you on an individual basis and always demonstrates that she’s listened to every conversation and always makes you feel happy, that she’s really focusing on me and my needs.

I’m confident and I enjoy food without worry. Eating well is second nature to me now. Health wise I’m fitter and happier in my own skin, my skin is glowing and I find my hormones are much better balanced.

I feel blessed and honoured to have met Katie and find her refreshing. She is not trying to put out another mainstream weight loss plan in an already swamped market, she is really getting into helping women understand their bodies and their lifestyle so that they have all the tools they need to never have to fad diet again.

I would not hesitate to recommend working with Katie, I know that she would provide each and every client with the same experience and help them gain confidence and improve their well-being.

Carrie Scott | Full time Mum & Employee | Kent

Why doesn’t dieting work?

-Diets are ‘diet’ focused not ‘you’ focused – this is about you

-Diets cut back ‘food’ or ‘calories’ too much to encourage fast weight loss

-Fast weight loss is not sustainable for your body

-Diets do not focus on changing habits that caused the problem in the first place

How is this programme different?

-we are passionate about stopping the yo-yo cycle

-this programme is about applying what you learn every day

-the focus is all on you – your lifestyle – you knowing what you have to do to get your body fat levels to change

-this programme ‘re-trains’ your thinking to move from the ‘dieting’ mentally to a mindset of confidence and freedom

-we care about you – we are here for you – our focus on you taking a quantum leap

Is this coaching programme for me?

  • If you are seriously committed to investing in self improvement – YES!
  • You’re ready to say goodbye to diets and negativity around weight loss – YES!
  • You want to have a healthy relationship with food – YES!
  • You’re serious about becoming the person you want to be – YES!


Intensive 1.5 hour assessment/education appointment the week before you begin

The next week you begin the programme and you attend weekly coaching sessions for 3 months (in person or skype)

Tailored daily menu’s for duration of 3 months are prepared in advance of each week for you

Including therapeutic dietary, nutritional supplement, lifestyle and exercise advice

You receive daily coaching (online) as you follow the menus for 3 months

Our areas of focus


Cultivate a success mindset


Get powerful education


Change your habits to get results

Education given in weekly coaching sessions:

Goal setting

Get clear on your focus

  • A lot of people struggle to get results because they are not clear on exactly what they want
  • You need to develop a crystal clear vision of what you desire
  • Saying “I want to lose weight – that is my goal” is not going to help you
  • We will show you how to make powerful goals that will inspire you every day
  • Clarity = power = vision = success

Body composition not weight

Learn how to monitor your fat loss correctly

  • Weight loss is fat loss and it is important to focus on monitoring true fat loss
  • Your goal is to preserve muscle and lower fat
  • Weight alone does not tell you about body water gains (a good thing), about fat loss or muscle gain/loss
  • Often people get disheartened and think they are failing
  • You need to know detail if you are to be successful with fat loss
  • Just measuring total weight is not enough

Boost your metabolism

Learn how to boost your metabolism for fat loss

  • Understand that metabolism is all about providing your body the tools to become more efficient at using up body fat
  • You will learn about muscle and why this is the key to using fat as a fuel
  • Our coaching programme is all about boosting your metabolism naturally
  • To learn more about metabolism click here

Key lifestyle habits

Make fat loss easy with these habits

  • You will learn how to set a great foundation for fat loss
  • Most people struggle with fat loss as they skip over these simple yet powerful habits
  • They often look for a ‘magic bullet’ or ‘quick fix’ when they should be appreciating how the body responds to these fundamental habits
  • Fat loss is about the lifestyle we are living it is not just about food

Appetite control

Get your power back 

  • Appetite control means that you feel confidence with ‘when’ to eat and ‘how much’ to eat
  • You will learn how to ‘tune in’
  • You will learn how to understand and trust what your body is telling you
  • Intuitive eating is the cornerstone of weight control
  • Managing peckish and hunger is a fundamental you will also learn
  • You are the one in control of your stomach and body – not the other way around


Connect with your body

  • Your weight loss sweet spot is where exercise and nutrition meet
  • Your body is designed to be nourished and worked
  • Exercise should be enjoyable to boost results
  • This programme includes a weekly exercise plan designed specifically for you by our expert personal trainer
  • You will be able to incorporate this easily into your daily routines
  • It is a myth that you need to exercise for hours in a day to get results

Practical/food planning

Become super confident in the kitchen

  • Your food likes and dislikes will be assessed
  • Your menu’s will be planned for you
  • You will review them a week in advance so you can organise your food shopping
  • You will manage your kitchen well, to minimise wastage and food expenditure
  • Any food preparation will be easily ‘doable’
  • You will enjoy this practical side of weight loss success


Became a Nutrition Expert of your body

  • Nutrition is the goodness that is in food
  • Your body thrives on goodness
  • Obesity/high body fat is related to being under nourished
  • Your body craves nutrition into order to lower body fat
  • You will get expert nutrition coaching
  • You will understand how to eat to change your body shape and achieve your goals

But I’m scared – what if I fail – again?

-You will only fail if you keep doing fast weight loss diets

-All of the ways you have tried have not worked in the long run

-Ask yourself….are you being who you want to be? Are you living the life you want to live?

-No? – then your way is not working

-We can show you what to do to get different results – we can show you how to win at weight loss

-Imagine all those questions you have on food and weight loss being answered!

Programme investment

This programme is advanced where you receive high level coaching and support

It is for you if you are ready to make a permanent change to your weight

Total fee for programme: £1995
*payable monthly in 3 instalments of £670 or upfront in full

The next step:

Call on 01732 525 822 or 07759 117 494 or email or complete the enquiry form

We can chat through if this is the right coaching programme for you.

Make 2018 your breakthrough year