I learnt more from Katie than I did from 30 years of dieting. Food and me had become enemies over the years and I wondered what I would learn that would make my relationship with food a more friendly one. It became clear that what I knew was very little. Finding out what my body needed was a pure revelation. The results were incredible, after one month my hair shines, skin glows and my weight has decreased steadily without calorie counting or having to cut out good groups. Thank you so much for your help.

Angela  |  Professional  |  Kent

I was referred to Katie and I was very happy to come. I felt motivated and looked after, like someone was behind me. It’s nice to have someone who knows what they are talking about, to have concrete guidance. Everyone should know about this. I understand what the triggers are to my digestive disturbances, and have a better understanding about digestion, how it works and what gives and saps your energy. I would definitely recommend Katie. I liked the support and I got, and felt that I was really listened to. I wasn’t judged or criticised.

Sophie  |  Kent

I had absolutely no hesitations in working with Peck Nutrition, I was given an excellent overview of exactly how it would work and what to expect. They are flexible and I could fit it within my own circumstances, so holidays, business trips could be catered for. I have found that making fairly simple changes implemented during the programme vastly improved my digestion and my energy levels are higher and more consistent. I no longer have polar swings in energy like I used to. The best feature of the programme are the skills it gives you to understand what you are eating and the impact it will have in your body. If everyone were to go through this programme the population would be much better able to make decisions about the eating habits and to understand that what is advertised as healthy food is not necessarily as healthy as it seems. I am happy to recommend this programme, it has made a very positive change in my life and I feel so much happier and healthier as a result. I have lost weight, my digestion has improved, and my energy levels have improved.

Kevin  |  Banking Director  |  Kent

I was diagnosed with Crohns disease of the stomach which is a rare place to find the disease. I had severe pain and my weight was below what was healthy for my height. I am an active male of 6 foot. The condition was not only painful but had a detrimental effect on my self esteem. It was recommended to follow a liquid diet for 6-8 weeks and possible low level chemotherapy to suppress the disease. This was of great concern to me as my worry was of losing more weight. Katie listened to my concerns and gave me confidence to express that way I felt about moving forward. We created a plan where my consultant was happy and so was I. My pain reduced within days and my sense of wellbeing and energy was restored over the coming weeks. The diet allowed my stomach to heal and work correctly again. I gained weight and restored my confidence. I am extremely grateful for the expert advice given to me.

Chris  |  Professional  |  Kent

I had no hesitation in becoming a client of Peck Nutrition. The consultations made me start to feel more positive about myself again. A bit like having an injection of positive vibes! Since receiving advice I have experienced a marked improvement in my digestive health. I see that my health and digestion is not solely what I eat, lifestyle is an important factor. The best feature for me was the recipes as I’m not confident in the kitchen; your recipe ideas have helped me to feel more able to try something different.

Jane Evans  |  Kent

I learnt so much about food from Katie since embarking on my weight loss journey. I have learnt how to balance my diet and now I can manage it so easily. I am more active, I sleep better and I feel less stressed. I now give myself permission to take care of me!

June  |  Accountant  |  Kent

After 10 months of facing the unknown, Katie was able to guide me to the light at the end of the tunnel. She helped me understand IBS; the ways it affects one’s body and how to best manage it. Katie helped me with my diet, eating habits and lifestyle, which has enabled me to feel in control and most importantly be myself once again. My stomach is better, my energy levels have improved and my smile has returned. I am incredibly grateful for all your advice and I would recommend Peck Nutrition to any in a similar situation. Thank you!

Anonymous  |  London

The content of your blogs are very thought provoking and poignant. There is so much behind what you write, your positive outlook is inspiring and your insights come at the right time.

Grant Phypers  |  Primassure UK  |  Kent

I was referred to Katie following a back problem. My goal is to reduce my body fat levels as I have type 2 diabetes. I am 75 years of age. Katie is expertly helping me to change a life time of wrong habits. I have more peace of mind, more clarity with knowing what options I should aim for. I have been impressed with Katie’s professionalism, expertise and confidence. She gives great attention, listens carefully to understand who I am so I can receive the best well advised information.

Jeffrey Rosenbaum  |  Estate Manager  |  London

It’s worth every penny to me. I am getting so much out of being here. I have changed my eating behaviour.

Debra M  |  Kent

l think your blogs are inspirational and l’ve got a special inbox on my computer for them. You should know that your advice on my stomach issues which l originally consulted you about has transformed my life - for which many thanks.

A Baxter  |  Lecturer  |  Kent

I was delighted with the results I’ve had with Peck Nutrition. I stabilised my blood pressure and I have lost body fat and I can enjoy luxuries. I would not hesitate to recommend Peck Nutrition to anyone who wants to improve their health. I have control over my eating habits and I understand how to eat in a healthy way when I have a busy lifestyle. Katie has a friendly approach, and gives very helpful advice.

Stephen  |  Business owner  |  Kent

When I started with Katie, the journey felt daunting, but I saw the results very quickly in terms of levels of energy, better quality sleep and overall wellbeing. It is so easy to get stuck with bad eating habits without even realising it. Katie’s personalised level of service means you don’t feel like a number or just a “nice” fee paying client, she is very interested in you as an individual. I would definitely recommend Peck Nutrition because helping people to take better care of themselves leads to a healthy world and I believe healthy eating and being aware of habits should be part of schools and workplaces as well as home.

Anonymous  |  Coach  |  London

I lost 2 stones and 5 inches from my waist. I was referred by a consultant to Katie following back surgery. I now look at foods in a completely different way. I will maintain this, and it’s helping my back and quality of life.

Geoffrey  |  Retired  |  Kent

Katie I am looking forward to getting into my bikini this summer, I have truly felt the benefits of your work and I am feeling good about myself!

Felicity  |  Student  |  Sevenoaks

Peck Nutrition is passionate about people and health. I wish more professional colleagues cared about their patients and clients in the same way.

Dr Sia Maani  |  IQ Dental & Implant Centre  |  Kent

I don’t need to go on statins. I am delighted to tell you that I went to see my Rheumatologist yesterday following a repeat of the cholesterol and vitamin D blood test and my results were excellent. Cholesterol was down so I do not need to go on statins. Thank you very much!

Barbara  |  Professional  |  London

My digestion is outstanding. I just got back from a 10k run and I feel great. I feel amazing! I truly believe it’s down to the work we have done. You’ve had a great positive impact on my life and helped me change things for the better. I am very thankful!

Andrew  |  Director  |  London

My life has turned around completely. I’d become so confused about food and what I should be eating that eating had become a real chore. Now I have a firm diagnosis of IBS, I can now enjoy food again. I have eaten more than ever before and lost 2 stone and it’s not through dieting! I have had a complete change of habits and I could not have embraced these changes without Katie’s patience and understanding. Thank you!

Kirsty  |  Solicitor  |  London

After an illness and surgery I was left diabetic and unable to tolerate much fat. I was referred to Katie by my consultant as I was finding it difficult to know what I should and should not be eating. I was also losing weight. Within a month of Katie starting to help me I was beginning to re-gain weight. I am now at the weight I am happy with and feeling very well. I am confident about what I can eat and eating out is no longer the nightmare it used to be.

Jill  |  Retired  |  Kent

I love receiving your emails. I honestly find them motivating and they really help me to stay focused and rethink my relationship with food. I’ve come a long way in developing good eating habits. Funny, I recall coming away from my first meeting with you thinking what a waste of time because you didn’t give me a set diet to follow. I remember you saying “I’m not going to give you a diet that would set you up for failure; you need to develop a healthy relationship with food”. I honestly thought you were as mad as a bucket of spiders! But I hadn’t yet realised that I was living in a totally different mindset ‘a lie’ really. The world of dieting is a very unhealthy and restrictive way of eating, constantly underfeeding myself and always falling off the wagon, then gaining all the weight I managed to lose. It’s never too late to keep focusing on positive healthy habits to eventually weed out those lies and bad habits!

Vanessa Ormiston  |  The Lapa Company  |  Kent

After struggling with gastritis, reflux and tiredness for over a year, I went to see Katie. My stomach feels much better and my energy levels have improved. I have confidence to manage my symptoms and my diet and lifestyle along and I have now come off my medication, and an added bonus is that I have lost weight – woo hoo!

Julia  |  Office worker  |  Kent

I couldn’t have contemplated a holiday prior to coming to see Katie. I was suffering numerous symptoms and was taking 3 different medications for acid reflux. I was advised that surgery was the only remaining option to prevent damage to my oesophagus. Katie has given me confidence to manage my symptoms which have resulted in a steady improvement to my health. I have reduced my medications and feel very optimistic about my health.

Susan  |  Retired  |  Kent

My reflux is under control. I am very grateful for all the advice you gave me. Thank you very much.

Gill  |  Retired  |  Kent

I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with coeliacs disease and a skin condition dermatitis herpetiformis 12 months ago and it was as bad as I thought. Being told at my age that I could not eat anything that contains wheat or gluten was a shock to say the least, if you love food as I do. I exercise a lot so I was worried about keeping my energy levels up. I was advised to see Katie and from the first appointment all my worries went away. Katie has a great way of explaining everything, not just about following a gluten free diet and what's going on in your body, but with food, health and wellbeing in general. I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been and that's all down to Katie.

Andy  |  Engineer  |  Kent

It’s a pleasure to work with a company with such professionalism and passion who is committed to their industry.

Alessandro Ferretti  |  Senses Health Limited  |  London

Following surgery, I was advised to see Katie by my consultant surgeon as my diet was out of control. I was overweight and I needed help with my digestion following surgery. Katie created an action plan for me which worked with my lifestyle and that I enjoyed very much. With Katie's support and encouragement I now have a healthy relationship with food and exercise and over a period of three months I have achieved the goals we set together. I would highly recommend Peck Nutrition for anyone who needs to get their weight and health back on track.

Trevor  |  Managing Director  |  Kent

When I met Katie I was anxious suffering with low energy and numerous digestive complaints. Katie has a holistic approach and I believe this was the key to her success in treating me. I am no longer stressed. I have regained my energy and all my major problems are under control. I have got my life back. I recommend Peck Nutrition to anyone who has a health problem.

Joyce  |  Retired  |  Kent

Peck Nutrition provided invaluable assistance to my teenage daughters. This has provided a bedrock for their attitude on what to eat, resulting in significant benefits to them.

Paul Duncanson  |  Creative Brief  |  London

Coming to see Katie was the best thing I could have done to get my health on track, the advice was tailored to me and I felt comfortable opening up and confiding how I felt. My life has changed beyond belief. My whole attitude to eating and lifestyle is different - better. Through guidance I know have a balanced and healthy diet which I can eat whilst living with ulcerative colitis. Since coming to Peck Nutrition for the first time in December 2014, I am now 3 stone lighter (and still losing weight!). I look at least 10 years younger than my age! I consider my time with Katie to be a lifestyle coach as well. Her warmth and kindness gave me focus which is what I needed. I have learnt so much about food and not let it control my life. Yes, I have my days with a little indulgence but there is no harm!

Barbara  |  Team manager  |  Kent

I had given up in myself, I felt that there was no hope for me and that unless I went through surgery I was destined to be obese for the rest of my life. I had tried everything, from lighter life to weight watchers, signing up to gyms and starving myself. Nothing seemed to work and I know I needed to change.  I wasn’t sure if this would work, it was my last resort, nothing else worked but I took the plunge, and haven’t looked back. The best part of working with Katie was the personal service. She took time to understand my lifestyle and recommend small changes to make it healthier. I stepped on the scales this morning and since my first meeting with you I’m at my lowest adult weight. I’ve lost 59 pounds! All the problems I had with my digestive system are gone. I’m so happy and I feel great. I have not restricted any foods in my diet at all. It’s a slow process and a learning curve but my attitude towards myself and my health has completely turned around. I’ve learnt so much and others should to if they were in my situation. I don’t think you will ever realise the difference you have made.

Amanda  |  Marketing Manager  |  Oxford

Katie your advice on my stomach issues, has transformed my life! I also wanted to let you know that I think your blogs are inspirational and I've got a special inbox on my computer for them!

A Baxter  |  Lecturer  |  Kent

I was concerned that I would be told to eat much less than I already do and be put on a diet that was unrealistic to stick too. I thought I'd have to change my eating habits completely and not be able to eat anything tasty but this was not the case! But I've noticed that I no longer struggle to get up in the mornings! I'm full of energy most of the time and my skin's a lot clearer than ever before which people are commenting on. RESULT! The specific feature I liked best was getting an education on food and learning what works best for my body. I'd definitely recommend Peck Nutrition to others. I think as a woman there is so much rubbish out there telling you how to get the perfect body and what not to eat, that we can get so confused about food!

Sarah Iles  |  Stand-up Comedian  |  London