I’m very grateful to have had nearly 5,000 consultations over the years.

I also talk with many people about their health when I am out and about.

I am curious to learn how everyone feels – talking with real live people and learning from study has taught me so much.

And I’m happy because I want to help the world and show people what to do!

I’ve observed in general that many people lack confidence of knowing how to connect food to their bodies to get results they wish for.  So when a health issue comes along like IBS, high cholesterol, diabetes or high body fat, things can get a bit overwhelming.

So it comes as no surprise that what most of us do, is rush to the doctor and get a medication when in many cases the health issue can be treated with healthy living.

The medication may help in the short term to feel better, but we really have to get to the root of the problem.

In the weekend I went to the Pharmacy to get something and it struck me how small the nutritional supplement section was and how huge the medicine section was stocking all the hundreds of medications.

Medications have their place and I’m certain not advising you stop everything because this blog post inspires you (please see your doctor to discuss any changes you wish to make to your medication ritual).

But I walked out feeling frustrated, frustrated because I feel so many people are walking around not experiencing the health they deserve, because of a lack of nourishment and I believe we all have the right to know what to do.

We have forgotten how it feels to be truly healthy!

So to nudge you towards the Peck Nutrition World of Health – you have to think a certain way – here are my recommended mindset tips to get you started:


Think this way:

Tip #1: Expect health abundance (don’t worry about disease – expect wellness)


Tip #2: Think nutrition not medications (what can I do to look after myself not what can I take to feel instantly better)


Tip #3: Imagine yourself having the health you want (you’ve been gifted imagination for a reason – use it)


Ask yourself “what can I do that is healthy?” – rather than I don’t feel well, what medication can I take.

This is not about being perfect or going on a diet, this is about learning basic fundamentals of how to eat to experience the health you and your family deserve.


Nutrition is your medicine of the 21st century.


I’m curious:

What is the ONE thing you would love to learn that would help you feel more confident with knowing how to eat right for your body?

Please do leave a comment below!


With inspired love,



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  • peck | July 17, 2015

    Hi Wendie,
    Yes having good levels of probiotic bacteria in your digestion is important. Thank you for sharing your experience :)



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