Feel confused about what to eat for weight loss?

I know you feel rushed in the mornings and sometimes skip breakfast

Only to get energy dips and then overeat later

What you eat within 1-2 hours of waking is key your metabolism and success!



Here’s your solution – Weight Loss Shakes

-Really easy to make

-25 ‘Blend and Go’ recipes

-Using real food ingredients – not powders or artificial shakes

-Gluten free and protein enriched

-no added/low sugar (fresh fruit in healthy portions)

-full of nutrition (metabolism boosting)

-you won’t need any caffeine 🙂






Here’s what real people think:

-Samantha:  “I followed the recipe exactly – I really enjoyed the shake. It was filling and I didn’t feel overfull”.


-Nick: “These are ‘super shakes’ an explosion of energy, they’re amazing. Like rocket fuel!  I have the blender out permanently’.


-Julie: “I love these shakes – the blueberry shake will be a regular from now on”


-Laura: “I really enjoy the shakes and feel so satisfed afterwards – they’re far nicer and more filling than I would have imagined” 



What’s inside the eBook? 25 delicious recipes!

1. Cherry Chocolate
2. Pear and Blueberry
3. Orange, Apricot and Mango
4.  Chocolate Avocado
5. Pineapple Buttermilk
6. Iron Rich Shake
7. Raspberry Shake
8. Peach and Red Grapefruit
9. Peanut Butter and Oat
10. Blueberry and Spinach
11. Nectarine and Oat bran
12. Almond Nut Butter and Apricot
13. Vanilla Date and Tahini
14. Apple and Peanut Butter
15. Strawberry Yoghurt Shake
16. Spinach and Spirulina Shake
17. Pineapple and Coconut
18. Coconut Tumeric and Orange
19. Pear Chocolate and Peanut Butter
20. Kiwi and Banana
21. Chocolate Orange
22. Prune and Oat bran
23. Apricot and Peanut Butter
24. Golden Kiwi and Red Grapefruit
25. Coconut Chocolate


**Plus** 6 sugar free treats

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream
Cashew Nut and Cocoa Fudge
Key Lime Pie Pots
Lemon Coconut Truffles
Chocolate Walnut Truffles
Orange Chocolate Balls





To your weight loss success!